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Address: Huaqiao Town, Kunshan

Corporate Information

        Kunshan Lichuang Precision Spring Co., Ltd. is located in Huaqiao Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, a beautiful national health city. It is adjacent to Kunshan Huaqiao International Business City in the south, Shanghai Anting International Automobile City in the east and Kunshan National Development Zone in the west. Excellent location and convenient transportation. The company is committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality spring products, the production of tension springs, pressure springs, torsion springs, profiled springs, scroll springs, bolts and other molded products. Widely used in automotive, machinery, electronics, home appliances, toys, communications, sports equipment and other industries.


        The company uses computer numerical control spring machine to fully automatic production. The product has the characteristics of high strength, high precision and high fatigue stability. It is equipped with a sophisticated computer tester to provide customers with one-stop service of design, manufacture, testing and verification. We have a complete and scientific quality management system, and our integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit and guide us. We will look forward to cooperating with you and creating brilliance with strict quality management system and high-quality staff.