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Comprehensive analysis: the future development trend of the spring industry market
2019-01-04 11:33:39


          Some experts in the spring industry in China believe that with the development of the mainframe, China's spring product market will also grow at the same time. It is estimated that the sales of the whole industry will exceed 4 billion yuan by 2010, and the proportion of the automobile and motorcycle industry in the spring market share will be More than 50%. At the same time, in order to adapt to market changes, the spring industry will show a new development trend in the next few years: 
            a new combination emerges. In the next few years, China's spring industry will still be dominated by small enterprises, but some advantageous enterprises will take advantage of their capital, technology and talents in the market and business strategy, and acquire and acquire some enterprises to obtain the necessary production factors and market resources. Most of the state-owned and collective enterprises in the spring industry will be converted into joint-stock or private enterprises. 
        Price competition turns to technology and quality competition. As the competition in the market intensifies, the profit margin of the spring industry has become smaller and smaller. In addition, the requirements of the quality of the accessories are getting higher and higher. The enterprises can no longer rely on the simple price reduction to win the market. Technology and quality become the key to competition. 
        From July 1, 2006, China's auto parts tariffs will be reduced to 10%. The final price of suspension springs, valve springs, stabilizer bars and other products for the automotive industry will gradually be in line with international prices, and for mini vehicles. The products supporting the van have undergone fierce market competition. The current price has certain competitiveness compared with the international market, but the quality level cannot compete with similar products. The prices of other products, especially for motorcycles and some small springs, are already lower than the international market price. Therefore, foreign similar products pose no threat to us in terms of price, and competition is mainly manifested in quality. 
        The products are developed to be lightweight and highly reliable. It is roughly estimated that in 2010, the annual demand for suspension springs in China's auto industry is about 8 million pieces, and the annual demand for valve springs is about 30 million pieces (excluding motorcycles and diesel engines). The technical development trend of these two springs is generally lightweight (high stress) and high reliability.For the existing profiled section suspension springs and valve springs, due to the high material cost and complicated manufacturing process, the production cost is higher than that of the circular section spring. Therefore, it is not obvious that the profiled section spring should completely replace the circular section spring.