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What kind of material is the Kunshan spring in the extended range? What are the characteristics?
2019-01-27 17:10:25


What kind of material is the Kunshan spring in the extended range ? What are the characteristics?

      The coil spring is just an accumulator. It has the function of storing energy, but it can't release the energy slowly. To realize the slow release function, it should be realized by the "spring + large transmission ratio mechanism", which is common in mechanical watches. Coil springs have long been used very early, and ancient bows and cymbals are two generalized coil springs.

     The coil spring is the most widely used spring in mechanical springs and is named after the metal wire is wound into a spiral shape. In the national standard, "GB1239-1976 ordinary spiral spring" Kunshan spring is suitable for cylindrical coil springs of cold-rolled and hot-rolled, compressed, stretched and twisted circular cross-section materials, and its wire diameter is generally 0.2-50mm. According to the standard, cylindrical helical springs of circular cross-section materials are further divided into three forms: helical compression springs, helical tension springs and helical torsion springs.

Kunshan spring is a kind of elastic part with good deformation and elasticity. In the range of the Kunshan spring limit, its elastic force is proportional to the spring elongation, following Hooke's law, F = KX, the following application of the spring: 



1. Alleviate shock and absorb vibration: This kind of Kunshan spring has a large elastic deformation ability, which can absorb vibration and impact. Such as the buffer spring in cars, trains, shock absorbing springs in couplings, and so on.  

   2. Movement of the control mechanism: This type of Kunshan spring requires that the force within a certain deformation range does not change much. Such as valve springs in internal combustion engines, control springs in clutches, springs in automatic machine tool cam mechanisms, and the like. 

   3, storage energy: This type of Kunshan spring requires both greater flexibility and requires a more stable force. Such as clock springs, gun springs, springs in the automatic return device of the tool holder in automatic machine tools, and so on.  

   4. Measuring force: This kind of Kunshan spring requires a linear relationship between its force and deformation. Such as dynamometers and springs in spring balances and so on. There are many types of springs, which can be divided into tension springs, compression springs, torsion springs and bending springs depending on the load. According to the shape of the spring, it can be divided into: coil spring, butterfly spring, ring spring, coil spring, leaf spring and so on.

    In a certain range of elongation, Kunshan springs can produce large elastic deformation when loaded, and convert mechanical or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After unloading, the deformation of Kunshan spring disappears and returns to its original shape, transforming deformation energy. For mechanical work or kinetic energy. In this process, the length of the elongation and the magnitude of the elastic force are fixed at a fixed ratio k (depending on the spring itself). The Kunshan spring, which is completely elastically deformed beyond this range, becomes a generic deformation and cannot be recovered or fully recovered. of.


What material is Kunshan spring made of?

     The main materials for making Kunshan springs are: high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metal alloy stainless steel, etc. The spring works on the elastic deformation principle of the material. The spring can generate large elastic deformation when loading, and the mechanical work or kinetic energy It is transformed into deformation energy, and after the unloading, the deformation of the spring disappears and returns to the original state, and the deformation energy is converted into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

     As an important component in industrial systems, Kunshan springs have a large amount of use and a wide variety, so the springs are made by hand and are gradually automated. Kunshan spring wire diameter is less than 8 mm for general cold roll method, and greater than 18 mm for hot roll method. Some springs are also subjected to strong pressure or shot peening after being manufactured to improve the load carrying capacity of the spring.

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